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Cermax Xenon Short-Arc Lamps from Excelitas Technologies

Cermax lamps from Excelitas Technologies (formerly PerkinElmer) are compact ceramic xenon short-arc lamps. With their internal reflector and rugged ceramic body and seal construction, Cermax lamps are a safe and compact alternative to conventional quartz xenon lamps.

PE300BF Cermax lamp from Excelitas Technologies
PE300BF (PE300BFA) Cermax lamp from Excelitas Technologies

Utilizing an integrated parabolic or ellipsoidal reflector, Cermax lamps produce high intensity, collimated or focused output of light. Due to the xenon lamps broad color spectrum, the lamp is filtered to emit either visible, UV or IR light depending on application or usage.

Standard Cermax lamps have operating power ranges from 125 to 1000 watts. Typical application areas are:

· Fiber optic illumination
· Analytical instrumentation
· Spectroscopy
· Audio-visual systems
· Microscopy
· Character recognition
· Data projection
· Endoscopy/laparoscopy
· IR and UV systems
· Machine vision

 Description Watt 
J2022 300
J2027 (module incl. 175 W Cermax lamp - for Pentax EPK-3000 Defina)
PE150AF 150
PE175BF / PE175BFA 175
PE300BF / PE300BFA 300
PE300BFM (module incl. lamp) 300
ME300BF 300
ME300BFM (module incl. lamp) 300
PE300BUV (J2029) 300
PE300C-10F 300
PE300C-10FS (for Pentax EPK-i) 300
PE300C-13F 300

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