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Power Supplies for Deuterium Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight

The electrical characteristics of the power supply have considerable influence on the operation of deuterium lamps.

Heraeus PSD 184 OEM deuterium lamp power supply
Heraeus PSD 184 OEM deuterium lamp power supply

Heraeus has developed power supplies for especially low noise levels and long lamp life through carefully controlled ignition.


 Model series: PSD 184 PSD 185
Version: OEM OEM
Housing: no no
Deuterium lamp (W): 30 30
Anode current (mA): 300 300
Heater voltage/warm-up (V): 2.5/2.0* 2/2.5/10/12**
Heater voltage/operation (V): 0/1* 0/3/6**
Dimensions (LxWxH - mm): 215x127x60 100x100x36
Weight (kg): 0.6 0.16
* selectable by jumper
** dependent on part no./model

Further Information
PDF Brochure - "Power Supplies for Deuterium Lamps" - PDF: 585 KB

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