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Fiberlight Miniature UV-Vis Light Source from Heraeus Noblelight

FiberLight from Heraeus Noblelight is a compact miniature UV-Vis light source. Its range of use spans mobile spectroscopy applications and all types of handheld devices that require a low power consumption UV-Vis light source. FiberLight has a continuous spectrum covering the whole range from vacuum UV to near infrared. Application examples for on-site analyses and diagnosis are:

· UV-Vis spectroscopy
· Water quality monitoring
· Waste water analysis
· Marine chemistry
· Air quality monitoring
· Process control
FiberLight D2 Basic DTM 6/10 from Heraeus Noblelight
Top image: Fiberlight D2 Basic DTM 6/10

The FiberLight module is made up of a shine-through deuterium lamp, a 0.25 Watt tungsten lamp, a shutter, a optical system and, depending on the model, a SMA 905 connector. All components are mounted on a PC board. Both lamps and shutter can be controlled separately by a TTL signal. All FiberLight D2 modules require an external 12 VDC/600 mA supply.

Heraeus FiberLight D2 modules are available in different versions. They come with standard or extended wavelength range and either focused (with SMA 905 connector) or parallel beam outlet. Summarized, FiberLight modules from Heraeus Nobelight are characterized by the following advantages:

· Compact size
· Low power consumption (6 W)
· Low heat dissipation
· Easy integration of optical fibers, measuring cells and capillaries
· Instant lamp ignition
· Cyclic operation
· Extended service life of up to 3 years
· Shutter function

Cyclic Operation and Lifetime
The continuous operating life of a FiberLight D2 deuterium lamp exceeds 1000 hours. As electrodeless discharge lamps (EDL) with high frequency excitation come into use, FiberLight D2 can be switched on and off on demand and operated in cycles. Due to the fact that the number of ignitions does not have a negative effect on the lamp's lifetime, an extended service life of up to three years can be achieved. Additionally pulse-to-pulse repeatability is extremely consistent to within 0,1%.
Typical lifetime FiberLight D2 (230 nm)
Top image: Typical lifetime FiberLight D2 (230 nm)

Instant On and Stability
The FiberLight D2 EDL ignites instantly and therefore delivers an immediate stable light output. This feature makes it unique among UV light sources. FiberLight D2 is therefore the ideal light source in analytical instrumentation for waste water analysis and other pollution monitoring, where light absorption is measured for only a few seconds and repeated after long intervals. Consequently the lamp would be switched on only for the short measurement time, while it would remain turned off for most of the time.
Spectral distribution, D2 Basic (D2 HighPower not available anymore)
Top image: Spectral distribution, D2 Basic (D2 HighPower not available anymore)

Application Example
To determine the nitrate content in waste water, FiberLight D2 is switched on for the duration of ten seconds to measure the nitrate light absorption. This procedure is repeated every 300 seconds. Measurement consistency is extremely good and the lamp's lifetime can be extended up to three years under these operating conditions.
Cyclic operation at 230 nm
Top image: Cyclic operation at 230 nm (measuring time: 10 s on / 300 s off)

Technical Data and Specifications
 FiberLight Module D2 Basic
Spectral distribution: 200-1100 nm, optional 185-1100 nm
Power consumption: 6 W
Power requirements: 12 Vdc (0.6 Adc)
Operating ambient temp.: 5-35 °C
Relative humidity: max. 90%, non condensing
Light exit: focused* or collimated**
Optical fiber Ø:: 200, 400 and 600 µm*
Optical fiber connector: SMA 905*
Numerical aperture NA: D2-lamp 0.245; W-lamp 0.057
Cooling: not required
Weight: 130 g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 157x55x37 mm
External control: on/off D2- and W-lamp (independently),
shutter open/close
 Deuterium Lamp D2 Basic
Spectral distribution: 200-400 nm, optional 185-400 nm***
Window material: fused quartz, fused synthetic silica***
Light output (radiant intensity): ≥5x10-8 W/Sr @ 230 nm
Stability: ≤1x10-3 AU
Drift: ≤0.25%/h
Excitation frequency: 250 kHz
Ignition voltage: approx. 1 kV
Life: ≥1000 h @ 230 nm (50% intensity loss)
 Tungsten Lamp
Spectral distribution: 400-1100 nm
Voltage: 5 Vdc
Current: 45 mAdc
Typical lifetime: ≥2000 h
* FiberLight D2 Basic DTM 6/10, DTM 6/10S, DTM 6/15, DTM 6/50, DTM 6/50S
** FiberLight D2 Basic DTM 6/11, DTM 6/11S
*** FiberLight D2 Basic DTM 6/10S, DTM 6/11S, DTM 6/50S

More Information
Brochure - "FiberLight Miniature UV-Vis Light Source" - PDF: 1.9 MB
Application note - "Measuring and Analyzing Seawater" - PDF: 473 KB
Application note - "Measuring and Analyzing Coastal Sea Contamination" - PDF: 391 KB
Application note - "Beer-Lambert Law ... - Spectroscopic Quality Control" - PDF: 363 KB

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