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Benchmark Microbore Glass Chromatography Columns from Diba Industries

Omnifit® Labware BenchMark Microbore glass chromatography columns are designed for applications which require the smallest bed volumes. They are ideal for aqueous systems and compatible with solvents used in common liquid chromatography methods, such as protein purification.

· Economical, non-adjustable LC-columns for low pressure or gravity feed chromatography
· Available with an ID of 3 mm in lengths of 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm
· Compatible with a variety of bulk media.

Benchmark Microbore glass chromatography columns

Benchmark Microbore glass chromatography columns

Each Omnifit® Labware BenchMark Microbore glas chromatography column includes:

Column Assembly - A pre-asscembled LC glass column, consisting of a glass tube and two fixed endpieces with 2 µm SS frits.

Fittings-Kit - A selection of fittings with tubing, consisting of
· 2 m 1/16" OD PTFE tubing with ¼"-28 UNF PP fitting at one end.
· 0,5 m 1/16" OD PTFE tubing with ¼"-28 UNF PP fitting at one end.

Technical Spezifications

 Operating Parameters
Operating temp.: 4-20 °C
Operating pressure: 1200 psi (80 bar)
pH stability: 1-14
Chemical stability: Resistant to aqueous solutions. Not resistant to acetone, ketones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aliphatic ester, phenol, >10% NaOH, >10% HCL, >5% acetic acid or strong mineral acid
Glass column: borosilicate glass
Endpiece: PCTFE
Frit: PCTFE and SS
O-rings: FKM/FPM
Connection cap: glass-filled PP
Fitting nut: glass-filled PP

Further Information
PDF brochure - "Omnifit Labware Laboratory Fluid Handling" - PDF: 3,02 MB

Order Information
Regarding pricing and order information, please refer to our price list.

For further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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