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Advantec Laboratory Filtration - Lab Filters and Other Products for Filtration Applications

We offer Advantec laboratory filter products from the Japanese manufacturer Toyo Roshi Kaisha, Ltd. Founded in 1917, the company gained an excellent reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of filtration media. So far their main business has been in the markets of Asia and the United States of America.

Advantec membrane filters Advantec vacuum filter holders

Our goal is to offer high-quality filter products to users in the fields of pharmaceutical research, health care, life sciences, chemical industry, food industry, environmental research and electronics industry. The range includes, among others, the following product segments:

Membrane Filters
· Mixed Cellulose Ester · Cellulose Acetate · Coated Cellulose Acetate · PTFE (hydrophilic and hydrophobic)
· Polycarbonate · Sterile (for microbiology) · Petri Dishes and Pads
Excerpt from catalog - membrane filters: PDF - 1,2 MB
Excerpt from catalog - petri dishes and pads: PDF - 972 KB

· USY Disposable Ultrafiltration Units
Excerpt from catalog - ultra filtration units: PDF - 847 KB

Glass- and Quartz Fiber Filters
· Glass Fiber Filters · Quartz Fiber Filters · Composite Filters
Excerpt from catalog - glass- and quartz fiber filters: PDF - 914 KB
Excerpt from catalog - composite filters: PDF - 802 KB

Filter Papers
· Qualitative and Quantitative Filter Papers · Milk Sediment Discs · Paper Discs
Excerpt from catalog - filter papers: PDF - 1,4 MB
Excerpt from catalog - milk sediment discs: PDF - 824 KB
Excerpt from catalog - paper discs: PDF - 867 KB

PTFE Depth Filters
· Polyflon PTFE Fiber Filters
Excerpt from catalog - PTFE depth filters: PDF - 810 KB

Extraction Thimbles
· Cellulose · Glass Fiber · Quartz Fiber · PTFE and PTFE/Quartz Fiber
Excerpt from catalog - extraction thimbles: PDF - 1,2 MB

Blotting Membranes and Papers
· Nitrocellulose Blotting Membranes · Blotting/Chromatography Papers
Excerpt from catalog - blotting membranes and papers: PDF - 905 KB

Vacuum Filtration
· Vacuum Filter Holders · Disposable Vacuum Filtration Units
Excerpt from catalog - vacuum filtration: PDF - 1,1 MB

Pressure Filtration
· Polypropylene In-Line Filter Holders · PFA In-Line Filter Holders · Stainless Steel Filter Holders
Excerpt from catalog - pressure filtration: PDF - 1,6 MB

Capsule Filters
· PES Capsule Filters · PTFE Capsule Filters · Polypropylene Capsule Filters · Glass Microfiber Capsule Filters
Excerpt from catalog - capsule filters: PDF - 1,4 MB

37 mm Monitors
· Disposable 37 mm Monitors for Microbial and Contamination Analysis
Excerpt from catalog - 37 mm monitors: PDF - 825 KB

Test Papers
· pH Indicator Test Papers · Litmus Paper
Excerpt from catalog - test papers: PDF - 897 KB

Further information on chemical compatibility: Chemical Compatibility Guide: PDF - 877 KB

Order Information
Regarding pricing and order information, please refer to our price list.

For further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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