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Omnifit Labware and Dibafit
Products for Fluid Handling Applications

The Omnifit® Labware and Dibafit™ product range from Diba Industries, Inc. (formerly from Omnifit Ltd., Cambridge, UK) covers a wide area of fluid handling and chromatography solutions. Omnifit® Labware/Dibafit™ fittings, solvent bottle caps, chromatography columns and a broad assortment of connectors and adaptors, distinguish themselves by their versatility, ease-of-use and chemical resistance. Typical areas of application are low and medium-pressure liquid chromatography, chemical research, biotechnology, hematology and other in-vitro analysis, pharmaceutical analytical research, industrial quality testing, printing and water/environmental monitoring.

Chemically inert adaptors and couplings for a variety of connector types and thread sizes, as well as tubing types and sizes.

Bottle Caps and Accessories
Omnifit® Labware solvent bottle connector caps with "anti-twist" feature, waste caps and vapor traps.

Bubble Traps
The Omnifit® Labware in-line bubble traps provide an effective time and cost saving method for removing gas bubbles.

Omnifit® Labware 2-way and multi-way connectors available in different versions with PTFE body (with and without tap).

Chemically inert Dibafit™ Click-N-Seal™, Gripper, Inverted Cone, Type S and P ferrule fitting systems, barb adaptors and additional accessories for a variety of applications.

Glass Chromatography Columns
High quality borosilicate glass chromatography columns available in different versions with adjustable or fixed PTFE end pieces for FPLC or LPLC applications.

Manual Valves
Versatile, inert manual valves with a variety of flow configurations for sampling, flow-splitting, mixing and fluid line interconnection.

Omnifit® Labware semi-rigid PTFE tubing is available with inner diameters of 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and 3.2 mm.

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