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PID Lamps (Photoionisation Lamps) from Heraeus Noblelight

PID lamps (photoionisation detector lamps) are low pressure discharge lamps which emit, depending on their gas fill, intense spectral lines in the range of 105 and 150 nm. They are most commonly used in VOC gas detection, gas chromatography (GC) and sample ionisation for mass spectrometry.

PID Lamps (Photoionisation Lamps) from Heraeus Noblelight

We offer a broad spectrum of pid-lamps from Heraeus Noblelight. Available are DC and RF excited lamps with a variety of gas fills and window materials.

Applications for pid lamps:

· VOC gas detection
· Gas Chromatography (GC)
· Mass Spectrometry (MS)
· Field monitoring of air and soil
· Emergency first response
· Jar headspace screening
· Leak detection
· Personnel safety in confined spaces

Search For Replacement Lamp

By clicking on the instrument model in the following drop-down list, you will receive further information on the corresponding replacement lamp.

Clicking on the lamp types listed in the table below, will provide further information.

Lamp Typs
 Type Gas Fill Photon
Energy (eV)
 Photoionisation Lamps, DC Excited
PKL 106 krypton 10,6
PKS 106 krypton 10,6
PXS 096 xenon 9,6
 Photoionisation Lamps, RF Excited
PKR 100 krypton 10
PKR 106 krypton 10,6
PKR 106-6 krypton 10,6
PKR 106-6-14 krypton 10,6
PXR 096 xenon 9,6

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