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This page gives an overview of products offered by msscientific Chromatographie-Handel GmbH. Please click on the product group of interest to receive further information.

Filtration / Sample Filtration

General Filtration Applications - High-quality products for laboratory and sample filtration.

Advantec Laboratory Filtration - High-qualitative filter products for demanding filtration tasks.

Syringe Filters - HPLC certified TITAN3 syringe filters and other syringe filter versions.

Vacuum Filtration Manifolds - Modular manifolds and accessories for vacuum filtration.

Glassware / Plastic / Porcelain, Agate and Aluminium Oxide Products

Glassware - High-quality products manufactured from type 3.3. borosilicate glass by Pobel S.A. (Madrid, ISO 9001 certified).

Laboratory Glassware - Flasks, beakers, bottles, measuring cylinders, funnels, pipettes and more.

Plastic Products - Laboratory plastic products manufactured from polypropylene by Pobel S.A. (Madrid, ISO 9001 certified).

Laboratory Plastic - Beakers, pitchers, measuring cylinders and more.

Porcelain, Agate, High Alumina Products - Our products for thermal processes offer extreme hardness, long life expectancy excellent fire retardence and thermal shock resistance.

Agate Products - Mortars and pestles.

High Alumina Products - Mortars and pestles, dishes, crucibles, combustion boats and more.

Porcelain Products - Evaporating dishes, mortars and pestles, crucibles, funnels and more.

Laboratory Equipment

Presses and Dies - Laboratory Presses and evacuable dies suitable for producing discs from 3 to 40 mm diameter for IR- and X-ray spectroscopy.

Die Sets - Evacuable dies for producing high-grade pellets with diameters from 3 to 40 mm.

Laboratory Presses - Hydraulic 15 ton and 25 ton laboratory presses for the preparation of solid samples.


Deuterium Lamps - High-quality deuterium lamps for HPLC detectors, UV/VIS spectrometers and other applications.

Deuterium Replacement Lamps - Mainly prealigned deuterium lamps for a large variety of instrument manufacturers/models.

FiberLight - Compact miniature light source for the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectral range (200 - 1100 nm).

Power Supplies - OEM power supplies for deuterium lamps from Heraeus Noblelight.

Hollow Cathode Lamps - Our lamp program includes approx. 70 single- and more than 120 multi-element lamps in various versions (standard, coded, PerkinElmer, Thermo-Unicam, Varian, Smith-Hieftje).

Heraeus Hollow Cathode Lamps - Standard and data-coded hollow cathode lamps from Heraeus Noblelight.

Lab-Club Hollow Cathode Lamps - Lab-Club hollow cathode lamps in the versions 1.5" (2- and 4-pin) and 2" Aanalyst coded.

Line Sources - Precision line sources with a high UV radiation flux of the virtually monochromatic spectral lines for applications that require single or multiple line spectra and for the calibration of instruments.

Type NK Hg-Lamps - NK-series low-pressure mercury lamps from Heraeus Noblelight.

HG2 Hg-Lamps - Type HG2 low-pressure mercury lamps from Heraeus Noblelight.

PID-Lamps - Photoionisation lamps are low pressure discharge lamps. Depending on the gas fill, they emit intense spectral lines in the range of 105 and 150 nm.

PID-Lamps - High-quality photoionisation lamps from Heraeus Noblelight.

Mercury Short-Arc Lamps - High-quality mercury short-arc lamps from Osram and Ushio.

Osram HBO-Lamps - Type HBO mercury short-arc lamps from Osram.

Osram HXP-Lamps - Type HXP mercury short-arc lamps with reflector from Osram.

Ushio USH-Lamps - Type USH mercury short-arc lamps from Ushio.

Tungsten Halogen Lamps - Tungsten lamps provide a continuous spectrum from 315 nm to over 2000 nm.

Tungsten Halogen Lamps - High-quality tungsten lamps available as prealigned and "naked" versions from Heraeus Noblelight.

Xenon Short-Arc Lamps - High-quality xenon short-arc lamps from Osram and Ushio and Cermax- and Ceralux ceramic lamps from Excelitas and Luxtel Ilc.

Osram XBO-Lamps - Type XBO xenon short-arc lamps from Osram.

Ushio UXL-Lamps - Type UXL xenon short-arc lamps from Ushio

Ushio UXR-Lamps - Type UXR compact ceramic xenon short-arc lamps with internal reflector from Ushio

Cermax Lamps - Compact xenon short-arc lamps with internal reflector from Excelitas Technologies

Liquid Management

Omnifit Labware/Dibafit - Glass chromatography columns, bottle caps, fittings, connectors and adapters.

Omnifit Labware/Dibafit - Chemically inert fluid handling and chromatography solutions from Diba Industries.

Valves and Micro Pumps - Bio-Chem Valve range of micro pumps, isolation valves, mixing valves and pinch valves from Bio-Chem Fluidics.

Bio-Chem Valve - High-quality range of valves and micro pumps from Bio-Chem Fluidics.


Cuvettes - Wide range of precision cuvettes and accessories made from optical glass and quartz and calibration standards.

Cuvettes - Precision cuvettes and accessories for NIR- and UV/Vis-spectroscopy - catalog, price list

IR Windows - Optically polished IR windows made of NaCl, KCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, CsI, KRS-5, AgBr, ZnS, ZnSe, SiO2 and AgCl for FTIR spectroscopy and other application areas.

IR Windows - Available in different dimensions, rectangular and round, undrilled and drilled.

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