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Tungsten Halogen Lamps from Heraeus Noblelight

Tungsten halogen lamps provide a continuous spectrum from 315 nm to over 2000 nm. The output in the visible range of the spectrum ensures that they are highly suitable for use in analytical instrumentation.

Tungsten Halogen Lamp from Heraeus Noblelight

Used in conjunction with deuterium lamps, tungsten lamps provide the wide ranging output required in UV/VIS spectrophotometers. Alone, they are suitable light sources for simple visible photometers.

We offer exclusively tungsten halogen lamps manufactured by Heraeus Noblelight. They are available as "naked" lamps as well as prealigned versions. Their main characteristics are:

· high color temperature
· high luminous intensity
· long lifetime

Tungsten halogen lamps consist of a sealed quartz envelope housing, a tungsten filament and are filled with a halogen gas mixture specific to its final application.

Envelope: Heraeus Noblelight tungsten halogen lamps consist of a sealed quartz glass envelope. The dimensions of the envelope are specified depending upon the type of filament chosen.

Filaments: The filaments are made from high purity AKS doped tungsten wire, specifically manufactured or selected for halogen grade creep resistance. They can be formed in axial, transverse or grid configurations. Close attention is given to the physical size of the wire and its pitch and spacing as this determines the electrical and optical properties.

Gas fill: Typical mixtures are argon/halogen, argon/hydrogen/halogen, krypton/halogen or xenon/halogen at pressures of between 2 and 10 bar. As lamp performance depends upon the the composition and consistency of the gas mixtures, these are closely monitored on a batch basis.

Instrument Applications List
Model Lamp Type
Analytik Jena Specord 50 PLUS CT020T11
Analytik Jena Specord 200 PLUS CT020T11
Analytik Jena Specord 210 PLUS CT020T11
Analytik Jena Specord 250 PLUS CT020T11
Beckman 166 CT020T01
Beckman DU 6 CT020T01
Beckman DU 70 CT020T01
Beckman DU 600 CT020T01
Beckman DU 800 CT020T01
Beckman Coulter refer to Beckman  
Biochrom refer to Pharmacia  
Cecil 200 series CT035T01
Cecil 272 CT035T01
Cecil 393 CT035T01
Cecil 2000 series CT035T01
Cecil 2292 CT035T01
Cecil 3000 series CT035T01
Dionex Ultimate DAD-3000 CT020T17
Dionex Ultimate DAD-3000RS CT020T17
Dionex Ultimate MWD-3000 CT020T17
Dionex Ultimate MWD-3000RS CT020T17
Dionex Ultimate VWD-3000 CT020T17
Dionex Ultimate VWD-3100 CT020T17
Dionex Ultimate VWD-3400RS CT020T17
Nicolet Evolution 100 CT020A11
Nicolet Evolution 500 CT020A11
Nicolet Evolution 600 CT020A11
Perkin Elmer Lambda 2 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 5 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 7 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 9 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 10 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 11 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 12 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 14 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 15 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 16 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 17 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 18 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 19 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 20 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 40 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 45 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 650 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 800 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 850 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 900 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda Bio CT030T02
Perkin Elmer Lambda Bio+ CT030T02
Pharmacia 41-8200-30 CT020A01
Pharmacia 80-2106-16 CT020A01
Pharmacia 2000 series CT020A01
Pharmacia 3000 series CT020A01
Pharmacia Novaspec II CT020A01
Pharmacia Novaspec II CT020T01
Shimadzu SPD-10AV CT020T16
Shimadzu SPD-10AVvp CT020T16
Shimadzu SPD-20AV CT020T16
Shimadzu SPD-M10A CT020T01
Shimadzu SPD-M10AV CT020T01
Shimadzu SPD-M10AVP CT020T01
Shimadzu SPD-M20A CT020T01
Shimadzu SPD-M20AV CT020T01
Shimadzu UV-1200 series CT020T01
Shimadzu UV-1201 CT020T01
Shimadzu UV-1700 series CT020T01
Shimadzu UV-1800 series CT020T01
Thermo Separation refer to TSP  
Thermo Spectronic Aquamate CT020A11
Thermo Spectronic Biomate 5 CT020A11
Thermo Spectronic Genesys 8 CT020A11
Thermo Spectronic UV1-100 CT020A01
Thermo Spectronic also refer to Unicam  
TJA Solutions refer to Unicam  
Unicam 5625 CT030T03
Unicam 5675 (Vis) CT030T03
Unicam 8600 series CT030T03
Unicam 8625 CT030T03
Unicam 8675 (Vis) CT030T03
Unicam 8700 series CT030T03
Unicam 8800 series CT030T03
Unicam Helios Alpha CT020A11
Unicam Helios Beta CT020A11
Unicam Helios Delta CT020A11
Unicam Helios Gamma CT020A11
Unicam Helios Omega CT020A11
Unicam Helios Zeta CT020A11

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